25 Cliché-as-Hell Father’s Day Gifts Because It’s the Thought That Counts

25 Cliché-as-Hell Father’s Day Gifts Because It’s the Thought That Counts
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Father’s Day is a time to show our dads a little love and appreciation—by showering them with basic #mangifts they likely neither want or need. From golf and grilling accessories to a variety of monogrammed items in sixteen shades of navy, there’s a rote array of items from which we all draw our genius gift-giving inspo year after year.

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Well, friends, we’re not here to offer a brilliant and unique solution to the stereotypical-gift conundrum. While we’re sure that your dad has infinite depth and contains multitudes (of interests outside of fishing and shaving and universal remote controls), today we say that if you’re going to give your dad an unoriginal gift—as most of us will—at least do it right.

The 25 cliché items on this list will get the job done, so you can pat yourself on the back for another Father’s Day where you made the thought count.

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Because no matter how many timepieces he may have received in years past, a dad can never have too many classic watches.

The Leeway Leather Watch, $105; at Aulta

Remember, shaving is an art—even for dads who've been doing it for decades—and what dad isn't looking to "add luxury and style to any bathroom," as this one promises?

Lexington Collection Shaving Stand, $100; at The Art of Shaving

This box comes complete with chef-curated artisanal chocolates, organic beef jerky, fair-trade roasted coffee, a cleansing sage bundle, and a ceramic "dad" mug for the health-conscious hipster dad. (Hey, if your dad isn't into it, we bet your mom will be.)

Poppa Box of Rustic Treats, $95; at Stone Fox Bride

A hand-carved wooden amp will give your dad "enhanced passive acoustic amplification" for his favorite music. Cool, but also #rustic and #masculine.

Pivot Wooden Amplifier, $79; at AHA

Any dad worth his salt will obviously be psyched AF to receive this fancy pro club, which promises to improve ball speed and optimize the center of gravity during swings. Ballin'.

Staff FG Tour U4 Utility Iron, $180; at Wilson

The traveling dad will love this weekender bag in classic manly colors. And you can tell him it was a deal, which would make most dads I know happy.

Merona Men's Weekender Bag in Navy, $30; at Target

An engraved bottle of high-end whiskey definitely screams "I love you, Dad!" and/or: "I hope this will make you forget how much my tuition/life has cost you, Dad!" Bottoms up.

The Glenlivet 15 Year Old Custom Engraved Bottle, $90; at Reserve Bar

Because dapper dads deserve dapper socks, amirite?!

Bonfire Ashes Socks, $20; at Wits and Beaux

Men's hats can be kinda awkward, but dads are notoriously bad about sunscreen, so help them help themselves.

Original Canvas Safari Hat, $25; at Panama Jack

When you've already given your dad at least a dozen Civil War books that he hasn't read, the answer is obviously a best-selling new book about FDR and Churchill.

Commander in Chief: FDR's Battle with Churchill, 1943, $20; at Amazon

Because dads deserve good skin products and smooth faces, too.

Micro-Exfoliating Cleanser, $34; at Arbonne

There are very few circumstances under which we'd consider paying $60 for a classy umbrella, but Father's Day is absolutely one of them.

Tattersall Umbrella, $60; at Brooks Brothers

A monogrammed pocket knife–flashlight is like a fun toy for dads.

Personalized Steel Lock-Back Pocket Knife, $25; at Overstock

Bird-watching, sunset-chasing dads will be psyched to get these high-tech, waterproof binocs.

Bushnell H2O Binoculars, $129; at L.L. Bean

For the dad who hates flying, or just really likes G&Ts.

"The Gin and Tonic" Carry On Cocktail Kit, $24; at Overstock

Personalized tools for the designated family burger-flipper. Thanks, Dad!

Monogrammed BBQ Tools Set, $92; at Williams-Sonoma

These slippers are cozy as hell and have a lifetime warranty, so your dad will never have to buy another pair.

Men's Wicked Good Venetian Slippers, $69; at L.L. Bean

Make your dad's lazy Sundays a little cozier.

Thermal Knit Robe, $70; at Nordstrom

Give your dad his own personal soap bar that smells of "rugged, woodsy" pine tar—just what he wants after months of using your mom's fragrant Dove.

Handmade Men's Bar Soap, $7; at Dr. Squatch Soap Co.

No one buys nice pens anymore! We bet your dad would appreciate one.

Calais Matte Black Ballpoint Pen with Refills, $30; at Cross

Give your dad a manly camo card case to keep his plastic safe.

Herschel Supply Co. Charlie Card Holder, $20; at Bloomingdale's

When in doubt—or just stumped for a good man-gift—a cute tie is always a win.

BIGI Geometric-Pattern Necktie, $69; at Barneys New York

These basic shades will flatter all different dads' face shapes.

Barkley Polarized Sunglasses, $95; at Warby Parker

For dads who love baseball, these cuff links are ideal. They're kind of a splurge, so maybe go halfsies with a sibling.

Sterling Silver Baseball Cuff Links, $220; at Neiman Marcus

Dads into fishing will be like "yesss" when they get this fishing tool kit, endorsed by a pro fisherman. So legit.

Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Roll-up Tool Kit, $16; at Walmart

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