10 Energy-Cleansing Candles That Smell As Good As Their Vibes

Alicia Kort
10 Energy-Cleansing Candles That Smell As Good As Their Vibes
Photo: Courtesy of Here for the Burn; Brooklyn Candle Studio; Uncommon Goods; Adobe. Design: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

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I knew that 2021 wouldn’t magically make the world go back to normal and Trump disappear, but I was hopeful that it’d be much better than this. Boy, was I wrong. To bring some much-needed positive energy into my space, I’m on the hunt for cleansing candles, because apparently my New Year’s Eve traditions didn’t do the job.

I love candles as much as the next gal, but I usually just light them to make my room smell better—not for any particular higher purpose. But these horrible past two weeks have inspired me to look at candles differently. I’ve barely cracked open my crisp, new planner or so much as glanced at any 2021 goals. I’ve been glued to the news. If a candle can chase away the negative energy that’s in my room (and in this world). I’m willing to try it.

Cleansing candles usually have sage, Palo Santo or other meditative scents. The scents are supposed to help clear out the cloud of anxiety or stress around you. Some cleansing candles come with affirmations and intentions, so you can focus your energy in a more positive and productive way.

I rounded up cleansing candles for all types, including the hyper-spiritual to the mild skeptic. Some candles are millennial chic while others are crystal candles you’d definitely find in your yoga studio. If you, like me, are struggling a little in 2021, I recommend checking out the candles below.

I’m saying that 2021 doesn’t officially start until January 20. After that, maybe I’ll give my New Years’ resolutions a shot.

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Stylecaster | Cleansing Candles

Courtesy of Art of the Root.

Meditative Herbs & Oils

If meditating was on your 2021 resolutions list, check out this natural soy candle
that will encourage you to set aside some You Time. It boasts Palo Santo, sweet grass, lavender and purifying oils.


Stylecaster | Cleansing Candles

Courtesy of Brooklyn Candle Studio.

Palo Santo

This candle honors the sacred Palo Santo tree, which hails from Peru. Bring a new energy to your space with this head-clearing candle. It has notes of cedar, mint, cypress, eucalyptus, sandalwood and amber.

Stylecaster | Cleansing Candles

Courtesy of Here for the Burn.

Trendy & Minimalist

Let’s be real: Everyone could use some good vibes right now. If you want to channel that energy in your space, check out this stylish candle from Here for the Burn. You can choose from a fruity Mango Guava scent or Spices and Evergreen.


Stylecaster | Cleansing Candles

Courtesy of Uncommon Goods.


Instead of burning actual sage in your apartment, you can light up this candle instead. Inspired by the traditional ritual of sage smudging, this handmade candle has notes of cedar, sage and lavender, which will help banish bad vibes from your home.


Stylecaster | Cleansing Candles

Courtesy of AniKukuBoutique.

Positive Mindset

2021 has had a rougher start than many of us anticipated. Put some good, hopeful energy out into the universe with this cute candle. You can choose from a variety of flavorful scents to make it exactly what you love.


Stylecaster | Cleansing Candles

Courtesy of CandleIntentionsShop.


Made with soy wax, clear crystal quartz, eucalyptus and white sage, this candle from Etsy is great for moving forward. Had a bad argument with your roommate? Light the candle. Want to banish the bad energy from Trump’s presidency from your home? Light the candle.


Stylecaster | Cleansing Candles

Courtesy of ScentualGoddess.

Affirming Resolutions

Start the new year on a positive note with this sage blackberry candle. There are three affirmations on the candle that will help you manifest all you hope to achieve in 2021.


Stylecaster | Cleansing Candles

Courtesy of Magnificent 101.

Pure Sage

If you need a little stress or anxiety relief, lighting up this soy wax candle
can soothe you and help you find some calm in crazy times. The maker recommends opening a window while burning this candle, so the negative energy can leave your room and be gone forever.


Stylecaster | Cleansing Candles

Courtesy of ThreeTwo1.

Celebration Candle

Yes, we’ve finally left 2020 in the dust. That’s a victory in and of itself. This cleansing candle, which comes in cozy scents like warm flannel and winter wonderland, will remind you that the best days are ahead.


Stylecaster | Cleansing Candles

Courtesy of Boy Smells.

Luxe Meditative Candle

If you’re looking for something other than sage and Palo Santo scents, this is the candle for you. It smells of smoking Japanese cypress and jasmine petals, which will help guide you into a thoughtful and calm state of mind.

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