Here’s What Classic Works of Art Would Probably Look Like If Photoshop Existed

Meghan Blalock

Way before there was Photoshop—or even photography, for that matter—artists relied on good, old-fashioned paint and canvas when they wanted to depict a beautiful woman. And before there was Photoshop, the natural beauty of women was much more appreciated than it is now—but what happens when you apply modern standards to archaic ones?

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Italian artist Anna Utopia Giordano set out to answer that question, and she did it by photoshopping classic works of art—such as Botticelli’s “La Nascita di Vene,” seen below—until the women subjects looked more like the images we see on the covers of modern magazines. The result: a bizarrely dischordant perspective on how women’s bodies used to be viewed, versus how they are now.

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 Check out a few of the best ones below, then see the rest over on art blog Visual News!


botticelli 1

And after:

venus de milo photoshop

J.A.D. Ingres – Venus Anadyomene

Before and After:

 Venus 2

William-Adolphe Bouguereau – The Birth of Venus
Before and After:
birth of venus