Clarissa Has Some Explaining To Do: Nick Brings the 90s Back


Entertainment Weekly is reporting that TeenNick, aka Nickelodeon’s sister channel, is bringing back some of its most awesome 1990s programming. Shows like Kenan & Kel, Pete & Pete, The Amanda Bynes Show, All That, and Clarissa Explains It All (my personal favorite) will be coming back on air! They will be featured in the time slot of midnight to 2 AM under the retro heading of, The 90s Are All That.

There are dozens of Facebook pages dedicated to our old go-to Nickelodeon shows. For example, as of right now there are 1,112,659 members of the Facebook group “I WANT MY 90s NICKELODEON BACK.” Way to keep up with what the kids want, TeenNick.

So all of the children of the 90s rejoice! Instead of trolling through Netflix on Friday nights, now you can set your DVRs to TeenNick or stay up really late to watch them because you’re allowed to now.

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