The child of a rock icon and supermodel, Alexandra Richards has very specific opinions about the fashions and styles that define her.

Inside Eye: Alexandra Richards Talks Style And Substance

Summer K

(Watch the video above to learn more about Alexandra’s take on the fashion and styles that define her.)

“My dad and I share accessories,” Alexandra Richards reveals, a slight smile playing across her face. “We’re the same shoe size too, so we trade off sometimes.”  Her long denim-clad legs dangle elegantly off her chair for a moment before she adjusts herself into a more lady-like position. To the outside observer, one might assume she was just another pretty girl with an enigmatic smile. But to those in the know, Richards represents the next generation of iconic style and substance.

As the daughter of Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards and former supermodel Patti Hensen, Richards is forging a path for herself that ultimately demonstrates her pureness as an individual in her own right.  From DJ stints in far-flung locations to major modeling assignments in Paris and beyond, the charismatic blond exudes an effortless simplicity seemingly derived from her strong fashion sense and powerful rock and roll roots.

“Personal style has always been something I found important,” she explains with an unconscious toss of her hair. “I remember being little and going through my mom’s closet and looking forward to the day when I could borrow everything.”

In Richard’s world, famous faces and places may dominate the landscape, but in her daily life the ageless simplicity of a casual blazer, a bright scarf and a comfortable pair of jeans reflect how at ease she feels in her own skin.  To some she may exemplify the child of fashion and rock royalty, but in her mind she’s simply a figure cutting a path for herself between the two worlds she calls home.