CJ Jeans by Wife of Magic Johnson Gets Oprah’s Blessing


Envision playing the slots, slipping in quarter after quarter hoping for those bright green dollar signs to land one, two, three in a row! That’s basically what happens once Oprah gives her seal of approval, to well…anything. Oprah gave her latest blessing to CJ Jeans. Of the jeans Oprah said they are, “the perfect jeans for real women with real booties. For three days straight, I had on the jeans.” We expect women everywhere to run to their nearest retailer to pick up a pair; don’t be surprised if they sell out nationwide. The concept and designs behind the jeans came from Magic Johnson’s wife, Cookie Johnson.

Here’s why Oprah’s stamp of approval validated these amazing new jeans:

The Denim Legging:


A twist on the traditional legging, using denim. This style is sure to appeal to much of the younger consumers.

The Boyfriend Jean:


This style happens to be Oprah’s favorite. It comes in three washes: dark denim, black, and gray. “The boyfriends, I always say are like the new sweatpants,” Cookie said on the new comfy style.

The Truth Style:


Truthfully, we think this style is the best! We love the wash and pleat on this modern jean. “That’s the jean you want to wear if you want to go out to a nice dinner or for some of you who can wear jeans to work, you can pair them with a great blazer, or put on a heel and go to work,” Cookie explained.

The jeans will range from $141-$198, and are sure to keep you comfortable and casual all winter long.