Civil Rights Champions: Stars Who Support Gay Marriage

Spencer Cain

One of the most hotly debated political topics of all time is obviously gay marriage. While it has been discussed ad nauseam for years now, it was only this past week when history was made. President Barack Obama formally endorsed same sex marriage. While it is unclear what exactly will come of his announcement, his powerful message was heard around the world. Countless people have applauded his actions, and now more than ever, fellow supporters are coming forward.

Just today, the head honcho of hip-hop (and Mr. Beyoncé KnowlesJay-Z proclaimed that he stood behind Obama. While I obviously thought it was awesome that Obama spoke out, I really think Jay-Z’s endorsement will be equally — if not more powerful — in the immediate sense. Since he isn’t necessarily involved in the political realm, his words have a greater reach in my opinion to people other than just political junkies.

Jay-Z’s image is not traditionally associated with a pro-gay marriage stance and his new outlook may inspire his fans to take a deeper look at the issue. I think we can all agree that in the hip-hop industry, homosexuality is not completely accepted. I frankly think this is one of the boldest moves possible in the fight for marriage equality. Jay receives a unique level of respect from all walks of life. He remains true to his Brooklyn roots but doesn’t deny the fact that he’s flying around the world on private jets. Basically what I’m trying to say is that people listen to him.

Props to Jigga for seeing an opportunity for change and taking it.

In honor of the strides made this week, click through the gallery above for a look at some celebs who have taken a pro-gay marriage stance.