The City: Whitney Port Is Back!


Whitney Port is back! The City season 2 premiered last night on MTV leaving millions of viewers with lots of gossip to circulate between now and next Tuesday.

Here’s a recap: Olivia meets her match in co-worker Erin Kaplan at Elle magazine in the accessories department. Will she be able to handle her new job? So far it seems kind of questionable. Whitney’s old friend Roxy comes to town and somehow finagles her way into a job at People’s Revolution and couch crashes at Whitney’s new West Village pad. Kelly Cutrone (we can’t believe that we’re actually going to say this) was nice enough to worn Whitney about being too nice. Roxy incredulously throws a party that gets a little bit out of hand… The cops show up, the party ends, and so does episode one… What’s in store for next week, any thoughts?