The City-Phile: Olivia Leaving DVF for Elle, Still Battling Whitney for Skinniest Legs


In breaking The City news, our friends at The Cut have reported that “socialight” Olivia Palermo might be headed to Elle magazine. This comes as a shock, especially since Olivia was chosen over Whitney for that amazing opportunity to travel to London on behalf of DVF (and she also claimed she “pulled that look” for Jessica Alba, when it was actually Whitney who did it).

Meanwhile, as filming for MTV’s season 2 of The City pillages on, the show’s two stars were caught on film yesterday as they headed toward their (former?) place of “work” at Diane von Furstenberg in the meatpacking district. Olivia opted for 6-inch clodhopping YSL pumps for a day at the office, while the always practical Whitney picked a subtle pair of shoes that are definitely more work appropriate. Contrary to prior reports that Whit had left DVF in favor of returning to her old boss, Kelly Cutrone at People’s Revolution, we wonder exactly what went down at DVF yesterday. Did Whitney Port and Olivia Palermo both give their two weeks now that they have better “career opportunites” on the horizon?

Whit at People’s Revolution and Olivia at Elle will make for an interesting season 2, but we will miss their painfully awkward office banter, more specifically Olivia shooting Whitney down every single time she tried to talk about her personal life. Poor Whitney, Olivia just doesn’t care. But who will do their “jobs”?!

On a side note, just because I love Diane, how can Whitney leave DVF-especially after Diane personally gave Whitney all that advice on life and love? Yes, love is like the wind.


Jessica Alba on the cover of March Elle, wearing the DVF look that Olivia (but really Whitney) “pulled”