People Are Mommy-Shaming Cindy Crawford After Kaia Gerber Took a Near-Topless Selfie

People Are Mommy-Shaming Cindy Crawford After Kaia Gerber Took a Near-Topless Selfie
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Kaia Gerber may come from supermodel blood, but a recent selfie of hers is likely not getting the kind of attention she predicted. The 15-year-old sparked major outrage after she posted a near-topless photo of herself on Instagram—but instead of the backlash being directed at her, it’s actually pointed at her supermodel mom, Cindy Crawford.

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Yup. The mommy-shamers are in full force again and this time their target is the 51-year-old supermodel. Here’s what happened: A few days ago, Gerber, like the teenager she is, felt like taking a selfie, so she headed to the bathroom for its A-plus lighting. For the most part, the selfie looked fine. Gerber’s smokey makeup was on-point and her newly cut shag hair was perfectly tousled.

Where the controversy came in is with what Gerber was wearing and how she posed. In the photo, Gerber sported an oversized white bathrobe, which she draped loosely over her shoulders. Like people are under bathrobes, the up-and-coming model likely was nude, which is why the draped robe appeared to fall just shy of exposing her breasts.

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Though no private parts were visible in Gerber’s photo, that didn’t stop the Internet’s mommy-shamers from coming down hard on her famous mom’s parenting choices. Considering Gerber’s age, a majority of the comments slammed Crawford for allowing a 15-year-old to take such a racy selfie.

“I love Kaia with all my heart and she is gorgeous, but she is too young for this type of photo,” one said.

“It was a matter of time… but I still hate to see this. Cindy — take the reins now before you can’t anymore,” another added.

“Is she seriously 15?!! How can her parents allow her to exploit herself in this way,” a person commented.

“Her parents don’t care,” another chimed. “Lack of good parenting results in this false glorification of the self… she doesn’t look like a 15-year-old girl. She looks like a woman, she teases like one, and she probably behaves like one. It’s all about the external image, an empty shell. They are craving for the wrong attention!”

While Gerber’s selfie is racier than we would typically expect from a 15-year-old, hardcore mommy-shaming is never the solution. Besides, it’s hard to believe that random opinions on the Internet know better for Gerber than Crawford herself.