Cindy Crawford Is Finally Launching A Fashion Line

Liz Doupnik

fullres2 Cindy Crawford Is Finally Launching A Fashion Line

Attention Europeans: Another supermodel fashion line is coming your way this fall. One of our favorite ’90s catwalkers, Cindy Crawford, is teaming up with retailer C&A to launch her very own casualwear line, Cindy Crawford Collection. Most notably, WWD reports that items will range from blazers to even leather jackets and T-shirts.

With prices capped around $184 for leather jackets, we’re sure eager shoppers will be scooping this up with the rest of their seasonal shopping. This isn’t the first time Cindy has branched out, though. Who could forget her interiors line, Cindy Crawford Furniture, or even her anti-aging skin care line, Meaningful Beauty. We are, however, a bit surprised that it took her this long to tackle the fashion front, and also a bit surprised that she’s gone the European route instead of debuting her first clothing line in the States. All that said, we’re still interested to see the images of the collections once they’re released (don’t worry, we’ll share them with you), since this may be just a first stab at clothing, with even bigger projects coming down the pipeline in the future.

As for you lucky Europeans or traveling tourists, go ahead and check out the collection for yourself: Cindy Crawford Collection will be hitting 1,500 branches and eight online shops beginning on August 27 in Germany.

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