The Perfect Shoe For Our Favorite Storybook Characters

Liz Doupnik
The Perfect Shoe For Our Favorite Storybook Characters
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As kids, we loved being lulled to sleep listening to fairy tales being read to us at bed time. Then, we grew up and replaced fairy tales with a serious affinity for shoes — replacing Little Red Riding Hood with Chanel, and so on.

While we expected that our two loves would remain mutually exclusive, with all of the childhood stories being reinterpreted for the silver screen, our storybook whims are coming back with a vengeance. The recent release of Christian Louboutin’s Cinderella shoe got us thinking about some of our other favorite characters and just how they would dress if they were plopped down in the middle of Madison Avenue. Which shoes would they pick?

Read on to see how we would match these fantasy faces up with the perfect pair of shoes.

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With the release of his Cinderella shoe, Christian Louboutin got our
juices flowing about shoes that our favorite storybook characters would
sport today if they were plopped down in the middle of Madison Avenue.
Read on to see just what they would pick.

These Loubs are definitely fit for a princess, and, in fact, they are! Christian Louboutin designed them with Cinderella in mind to celebrate the movie's new release on Blu-ray.

Photo: Walt Disney Studios/

Attempting to sleep on stacks of mattresses with a pesky pea in between can be difficult as the Princess and the Pea proved. We think the princess would prefer to try these Versace
kicks on for size. With their layered and stacked platform they
resemble mattresses and look far more comfortable (and stylish).

Versace Dvea Patent Leather Platform Sandals, $1,125, at Net-A-Porter

Photo: ImaxTree/

Who wouldn't want a shoe to match their name? We think Snow White would look like a dream in these Louis Vuitton white as snow pumps.

Photo: ImaxTree/

The Big Bad Wolf has nothing on these furry boots from John Rocha. He probably wouldn't even have to trick Little Red Riding Hood with these bad boys.

Photo: ImaxTree/

Snoozing in a glass casket may have been the curse on Sleeping Beauty in her tale, but in this post, we prefer to find her in a seemingly glass encased heel, courtesy of Chloe.

Photo: ImaxTree/

We think Hansel & Gretel would most definitely have
matching shoes. We think these neutral loafers are an awesome selection
(and would totally get rid of any sibling rivalry).

Marc by Marc Jacobs Slip On Loafers, $192.50, at ShopBop

Photo: ImaxTree/

Sometimes you've just got to leave your red riding hood at home. When in doubt, throw on a pair of sick red Vivienne Westwood pumps (we're looking at you Little Red).

Photo: ImaxTree/

The Evil Queen named a poisoned apple as her main accomplice in trying to kill off Snow White, though she may have failed in the story, these shoes are a full-on win.

Ego and Greed Bowler, $74.95, at Sole Struck

Photo: ImaxTree/

With a clear, stacked here, these shoes totally give the illusion of levitation. Perfect for a Fairy Godmother, wouldn't you say?

Simone Rocha High Perspex Brogues, $1,075, at Opening Ceremony

Photo: ImaxTree/

Rapunzel may have let down her hair for a hottie of a prince in her story, but with these (previously known as) YSL heels, that will be completely unnecessary. The boys will come a-running.

Photo: ImaxTree/

Goldilocks definitely loves to sneak around. We think a pair of creepers would be a wonderful fit for this curious blonde.

TUK Black Suede Low Round Creeper, $69.99, at eBay

Photo: ImaxTree/

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