Christopher Kane Resort: In Honor of Gay Pride?

Kerry Pieri
Christopher Kane Resort: In Honor of Gay Pride?
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Christopher Kane was inspired by light spectrum for his Resort 2012 collection, but the vast use of rainbow prints seems rather apropos for Pride Parade over the weekend and New York’s legalization of gay marriage this past Friday.

Equal rights (yay!) aside, the designer who does double duty at Versus has a way with something bright for his quirky fashion girl. It’s not about being outrageous though for Resort, sometimes those brights went under a clean black suit, sometimes they line a shift dress, sometimes they’re paired with light leather, long turquoise jackets that are so awesome they kind of blow your mind.

Even when they take center stage in a bold nod to the 60s and/or Star Trek, or when they come in the form of solid dresses cut minimally, it’s whimsical and fun without being over the top. Silver lame, Kane’s signature neon footwear, bold pencil skirts and lace/sequin jumpsuits round out a tight collection that further solidifies this young Brit designer as one to be reckoned with.

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