Christopher Kane on Neon, Crochet, and Donatella


Color-crazy designer Christopher Kane recently answered a few questions on the Opening Ceremony blog.Although Christopher Kane is best known for his outlandish albeit stylish designs he comes across as very level-headed and sincere in the interview, which makes me like him even more. Kane gives insight into why he uses neon and what it’s like to work with his Versus asscoiateDonatella.

On his association with neon:

“I have only used neon twice, actually, but I love that people associate neon with my work. I guess I just love the intensity of it. When you do so many collections in such a short space of time, you become bored with the norm and it’s a color palette that people fear.”

On dressing plus-size singer for The Gossip’s Beth Ditto:

“I love Beth she is beautiful inside and out. If you have a connection with someone, it shouldn’t matter what clothes size they are.”

On his uniform of mostly denim and his infamous jean jackets:

“…it’s what I feel most comfortable in. I haven’t bought a jean jacket in years my old faithful from my student days was a vintage one. It’s a very hard piece of clothing to find. I am very fussy.”

On his working relationship with Donatella Versace for Versus:

“I have so much respect for Donatella. She has done so much in her life. She trusts me and lets me take the lead. It’s so much fun working with her.”

On his bubble clutch:

“They are so much fun, they really make me smile. I have done more developments with them I want them to be part of the CK heritage look. Tammy [Kane’s sister] uses hers all the time. They are more durable than you think she has credit cards, keys, and her phone. They are just like any other bag. (Okay, don’t put scissors in there or leave it on a radiator!)

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