Christopher Kane Keeps it Cool


In a sea of gorgeous and glittering party dresses, perfectly coiffed hair, and sparkling accessories that can be seen on any given night in New York City, one of the most challenging things about getting oneself dressed and ready to go for a night out on the town is making sure that one stands out in said sea. It is alarmingly easy to blend in with the crowd (read: boring) even if perfectly put together with a stunning dress, shoes, etc. That’s why Christopher Kane’s show was so refreshing to see. In a number of looks, the man solves this age-old NYC conundrum with flair and ease. Considering the fact that his inspirations included such literally prehistoric influences as The Flintstones, dinosaurs, and apes, his spring 2009 collection looked remarkably futuristic and fresh.

My favorite pieces included 3-D paillette dresses that would be perfectly suited for an art party (hello, Whitney Art Party coming up in three weeks!). I especially loved the one in the picture above. Not only is it on-trend (nude!), it’s completely cool and unexpected. With those fluttering, spiny layers, you’re practically guaranteed to be the unadulterated stand-out at even the coolest party of the season. Throw on some neon leopard over it, and not only are you good to go, you’ll look like you just don’t care. Which is the ultimate sign of cool. Perfect.

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