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Deck Your Hall with These Gorgeous DIY Christmas Tree Ideas

Beth Stebner
Deck Your Hall with These Gorgeous DIY Christmas Tree Ideas
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Even though you’ve probably been subjected to Christmas music since the second you swallowed your last bite of turkey, the advent of December means it’s official. Christmastime is actually around the corner, meaning you can break out all the holiday decorations without feeling like a total season pusher.

To that end, it’s time to start thinking not just about what gifts you’re getting for the coolest girl you know but about Christmas tree ideas too. Sure, a traditional tree chock-full of homemade ornaments was good when you were growing up, but let’s talk about how to style one like an actual grown-up.

The sky (or at least your ceiling) is the limit as far as what tree you can get. Real or fake, Douglas fir or balsam, balsa wood, gold, or white, go with what makes you full of holiday cheer.

And if a full-blown tree seems like just too much work for something that will be sitting on your curb come January 1, why not try a few fir branches in a beautiful vase? Or skip the hassle of pine needles altogether and try a decal or wall-only string of lights and ornaments.