Counterfeiters Beware: Christian Louboutin Wins Trademark Case Against YSL

Liz Doupnik

x4001 Counterfeiters Beware: Christian Louboutin Wins Trademark Case Against YSL

Though we may not own a pair of Christian Louboutins just yet, we can’t wait for the day that our first pair of red soles hit the pavement. For a while, we were tempted to cheat the system and score another, not so sacred pair of red soles, but it seems that’s an even more dangerous bet after today. According to WWD , Christian Louboutin triumphed today in a much-publicized court case against YSL, with a court declaring that Louboutin is, in fact, entitled to trademark protection for his beloved red soles.

In a nutshell, Louboutin had taken YSL to court over a pair of shoes that the label had created that featured red soles. In this instance (an appeal to an earlier ruling), the court ruled that YSL did in fact violate the red-sole trademark. In a verdict that will no doubt have far-reaching ramifications in the world of counterfeit shoes, the court ruled that Christian Louboutin is entitled to its trademark unless the entire shoe is red (we wonder how much more popular all-red shoes just became). A big day in the fight against knock-offs, to say the least!

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