Christian Dior Mobile Phone Proves the Recession Isn’t Affecting Everyone


Apparently the recession isn’t affecting everyone, at least according to Christian Dior Couture. The venerable French fashion house has launched a Christmas gift that even Roman Abramovich would sweat. Santa’s special bling this year must have executives at Vertu quaking in their boots–the mobile device sparkles with sapphire crystals, diamonds, and mother of pearl and also boasts remarkably clear sound, high-definition resolution, and an ultra-flat electroluminescent keypad (whatever that is).

Be prepared to drop major cash-money on the second generation of what is basically bijoux avec a battery. The mini My Dior phone starts at a jaw dropping $6,500. Apparently the smaller, the better. At just 3 inches long by 1 inch wide the mini can be hooked to a Lady Dior bag or operate alone.

With names that sound like Pop editorials: Glorious Black PVD, (coated in black PVD with sapphire crystals) and Znaide (the cost of a Honda at $13,500 and set with 190 diamonds), the Dior phone marries the Cannage design with signature emblems of the house. And it definitely widens the Dior demographic. Daphne Guinness might love it. So too might Snooki from Jersey Shore. Oh, there’s no email technology, but you’ll have an assistant for that anyways.

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