Chrissy Teigen Quit Instagramming Food Because Her Butt Gets More Likes

Chrissy Teigen Quit Instagramming Food Because Her Butt Gets More Likes
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For a time, Chrissy Teigen was one of the most active celebrity foodies on Instagram. Her mouth-watering pictures of home-cooked meals would reel in hundreds of thousands of likes and inspire tons of followers to recreate her dishes. But lately the 31-year-old model has noticeably posted fewer food ‘grams, and—thanks to her candor on Twitter—we finally know why.

On Monday, the Cravings author opened up about the pressure to satisfy her Instagram audience. She admitted that she stopped Instagramming food because photos of her body—particularly her butt—garner significantly more likes. Though she’s shifted from her Instagram foodie aesthetic, Teigen revealed that she still posts food photos on her Snapchat, where it’s apparently more welcome.

“I miss posting food on my instagram,” she tweeted. “I have such pretty photos but I feel like everyone just wants butts now. So I Snapchat the food.”

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After her Tweet, Teigen was flooded with responses from fans who expressed their appreciation for her food Instagrams and asked her to bring them back. Some commenters—like the one below, who posted a picture of Teigen balancing a plate of chicken nuggets on her ass—suggested there was a way to satisfy both audiences.

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And while we’re a little sad that Teigen’s discouraged about posting food photos because they’re less popular than her belfies, she clearly has an audience for both types of content. Regardless of whether she decides to return to her food porn-sharing ways, we’ll always follow Teigen for her 100-percent realness on social media.