Chrissy Teigen Reveals The Secrets Of Being Sexy

Welcome to our Rule Breakers series, which spotlights five fabulous, gutsy women who are breaking boundaries in their respective fields—from supermodel Chrissy Teigen to designer Cynthia Rowley. Over the next few months, expect career advice, risk-taking tips, and insight on how to be an overall badass. Read more about the series!

Regardless of what you think about provocateur Chrissy Teigen, there’s agreement across the board about one thing: the woman makes sexy look easy.  But despite her seemingly natural sex appeal, she knows exactly what she’s doing.  What is she thinking about when she gives the camera that smoldering look?  Teigen reveals, “It’s all about a secret that you can’t share.”  Steamy.

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But there’s more to it than a smoky eye and a hot outfit.  She goes on to share, “To me, sexy is not just about that girl in that thong bikini, there’s a mystery to it.” Watch along in the video above as Chrissy shares her secrets to mastering her sexy look on camera, as well as revealing the ultimate secret to being sexy.

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Production Director: Samantha Lim
Producer: Robert Vasquez
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