Watch Chrissy Teigen Field Insanely Inappropriate Q’s from Twitter Trolls

Watch Chrissy Teigen Field Insanely Inappropriate Q’s from Twitter Trolls
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Chrissy Teigen is a master at handling Twitter trolls, who seem to have a certain penchant for coming after her. And last night she stood up to the task at hand with aplomb, fielding the most ridiculously inappropriate questions on Twitter with some Grace Kelly-level tact.

Teigen logged onto Twitter last night for a nice holiday Q&A for Thanksgiving, and everything was going really smoothly until the trolls came along. For starters, someone actually asked, “Is the turkey you’re cooking bigger than your ass?”

“Only some dumb ass on Twitter could find a way to work in some kind of comment about my ass into a Thanksgiving Q&A, so I appreciate that. It was very creative,” she said. “Yes, it is much bigger. It’s 22 pounds. I wish I had an ass like that—I guess—but…sorry!” Slay.

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Someone also took it upon themselves to ask, “Have you ever fucked a turkey?” Steeling herself, Teigen calmly responded, “No, Camilf, I have never fucked a turkey.” Glad she cleared that one up.

Ironically enough, someone asked what the best way to handle haters might be. “Write them back, so they delete their accounts,” Teigen advised. “Happens every time. Like clockwork, baby.” LOL. Taking her own advice, she did just that only a few hours ago—and though her hater didn’t delete her account (yet), she promptly deleted her original mean tweet, set her account to private and changed her profile pic. Classic.

After Teigen showed off a bit more than she bargained for with a seriously NSFW wardrobe malfunction at the American Music Awards, she took the time to repost a fan’s meme comparing her dress to a certain Family Guy character on Instagram. ““Hey baby. Do those legs go all the way up?” – dead,” she wrote. 

If Teigen can laugh off accidentally flashing her crotch on the red carpet and being asked the most inappropriate questions ever on Twitter, it’s safe to say she can handle just about anything—online and off. Chrissy Teigen, you’re a queen. We hope you can log off and enjoy Thanksgiving now—hater-free.

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