Benevolent Goddess Chrissy Teigen Would Like All Her Haters to Be ‘Happy’

Cady Lang

(Getty Images)

Chrissy Teigen might be a domestic goddess with a cheese wheel and a doting husband who’s willing to be her baby daddy, but that doesn’t mean that she’s completely immune to the haters. The 30-year-old model took to Twitter last night after a Twitter troll rudely insinuated that she was fame-obsessed.

Not to worry, however, because Teigen has long established her reputation for deftly handling Twitter haters, and she wasted no time doing damage control in this situation—while also heaping coals on the offenders’ heads by wishing them all happiness.

It wasn’t quite the end of the rant, however.

We get it, Chrissy. Twitter trolls and eggless McDonald’s sausage McMuffins really kill our vibe too. Good on you for wishing happiness on the haters, and here’s hoping your next tuna casserole is drama-free.