Chrissy Teigen Just Shut Down a Twitter Troll Who Criticized Her for Doing This

Chrissy Teigen Just Shut Down a Twitter Troll Who Criticized Her for Doing This
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Another day and another Twitter troll tries to come at our girl, Chrissy Teigen. And, like always, the 31-year-old knew how to defend herself and came back, yet again, with another epic clap back.

So here’s the deal: For the past few years, Teigen’s pretty open about her infertility struggles and her decision to freeze her eggs and use vitro fertilization to get pregnant. (Teigen gave birth to her daughter, Luna, via vitro fertilization in 2016.) Though it’s been an emotional journey, Teigen’s found a way to joke about the matter—which brings us to the whole Twitter debacle.

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Two days ago, Teigen tweeted a screenshot of an email telling her that her payment to store her embryos was long overdue. In typical Chrissy Teigen fashion, the model joked that her embryos were in debt before they were even born.

The comedy routine continued with Teigen fake yelling at her embryos to pay their rent. Of course some people took the joke seriously and interpreted Teigen’s tweets as a pregnancy announcement, which she quickly shot down. (See—even Twitter queen Chrissy Teigen has to explain her jokes.)

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Nonetheless, it was solid bit, and everything seemed fine and dandy—until a Twitter troll had to open its big mouth and suggest that Teigen conceive naturally. (Uh, duh!) The unwarranted advice obviously didn’t go over well with Teigen, who clapped back with the most sarcastic gratitude ever.

Of course, after enduring Teigen’s Twitter wrath, the troll has since deleted its tweet.

Chrissy Teigen: 1

Twitter troll: 0