28 Times Chrissy Teigen Trolled the Hell Out of John Legend on Social Media

STYLECASTER | Chrissy Teigen and John Legend
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It doesn’t matter if it’s their anniversary. It doesn’t matter if he won an Oscar. Chrissy Teigen will always find a way to troll John Legend. The 33-year-old model and 40-year-old singer have been married for more than five years, so—at least, according to Hollywood standards—they should be extra comfortable around each other. And that comfort sure does show, especially for Teigen.

Whether it’s exposing the “All of Me” singer’s bowel behavior in front of her millions of followers or constantly comparing him to her favorite childhood TV character, Teigen is always prepared with a John Legend roast. And though it’s hard to pinpoint which of Teigen’s Legend jokes have been the best (there have been a lot of knee-slapping funny ones), we’ve looked back at 28 times where she especially burned her Grammy-winning husband.

For years, Teigen and Legend have been #couplegoals, and their constant trolling of each other on social media prove how strong their relationship actually is. (Is your significant other actually your significant other if you don’t make fun of them on social media every once in a while?) Plus, their social media jabs are pretty fun to watch. Check out 28 times Teigen trolled the hell out of Legend on social media ahead.

When She Joked About Cheating on Him

Since he was born, Miles, Teigen and Legend’s baby son, has been compared to his dad looks-wise. So when Teigen posted a picture of baby Miles in February 2019, Legend commented on the resemblance: “He is me!” Teigen used the opportunity to troll her husband about her cheating. “It’s important to cheat with people who look like your husband,” she responded.

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When She Used John’s Face to Make Fun of the College Bribery Scam

Everyone knows about the college briber scam involving Lori Loughlin, Felicity Huffman and other wealthy parents who used money to bribe admissions officers at universities like the University of Southern California to let in their children. One of the scams also involved photoshopping the parents’ children’s pictures on athletes to fake them as students athletes for admissions purposes. Teigen made fun of this by photoshopping her head, along with Legend’s head and Jen Atkin and Mike Rosenthal’s heads on world-famous athletes like Christiano Ronaldo.

When She Made John Pose Like a Baby

Too cute. Legend re-created his son Miles’s pose to the T with this photo of him sitting in Miles’s exact pose next to a whiteboard with his name and other facts about him. “wow they grow up so fast,” Teigen wrote.

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When She Called Him Out for Having Less Followers

When it came time to promote their wine in 2018, Legend knew that Teigen was the one who should do it, considering she has well over double the amount of his Instagram followers: “my husband, John, asked me to post this because I have a much bigger social following than him.”

When She Started His Hate Club

After Legend’s appearance on The Voice in 2017, Teigen tweeted that he seemed like a “huge dick,” which inspired her to find other Legend haters via the Twitter search: “John Legend sucks.” Unfortunately, the search produced zero results because Legend is that well-liked.

When She Gave Props to His Hacker

When Teigen found out that Legend’s Twitter was hacked in 2017, her first reaction was to laugh at how the hacker changed Legend’s Twitter bio to: “i have a small penis.”

When She Thought He Looked Like Arthur Too

Perhaps it’s his kind eyes or his cartoonish face, but there’s something about Legend that makes people compare him to the animated TV show character, Arthur. Teigen also agrees, given how many times she’s trolled him for his Arthur-like looks.

When She Revealed Her Plan to Make Sure He Doesn’t Remarry

To make sure that Legend doesn’t remarry after she dies, Teigen keeps a note in her pocket that says, “John did it.” She was likely joking, but we believe her.

When She Made Fun of His Old Album Covers

After uncovering an old album cover, from when Legend went by his real name, John Stephens, Teigen couldn’t help but make fun of how he looked: “Simultaneously unpacking and filing for divorce.”

When She Told Him He Was ‘Okay’ at Singing

Legend is often regarded as having one of the most beautiful singing voices in the music industry. But for Teigen, he’s simply “okay,” especially at singing the national anthem.

When She Vocalized Her Foursome Fantasies with Him

Teigen was watching a basketball game with Legend when she revealed it was her “dream” to be with three guys. Her husband didn’t think the joke was very funny.

When She Took Credit for His Song

It’s well-known that Teigen is the inspiration behind Legend’s 2014 song, “All of Me,” so, understandably, when he was nominated for several Grammys for the track, she would take credit for it.

When She Told Him She ‘Hated’ One of His Songs

In case you’re wondering what’s Teigen’s least favorite John Legend song, it’s his 2008 single, “Green Light.”

When She Accused Him of Sabotaging Her Piano Skills

Both Legend and Teigen play the piano, but of course, only one of them does it professionally. Still, Teigen doesn’t consider herself a novice, so when Legend withheld information about how to make the instrument sound more pretty, she of course accused him of sabotage.

When She Made Fun of His Name Being Misspelled

This one is self-explanatory. Legend’s last name was misspelled with an extra “D,” so Teigen made fun of him.

When She Trolled Him with Her Nudes

Teigen has a secret to getting under Legend’s skin: Texting him nudes with “sorry wrong person.”

When She Wanted to ‘Vom’ from Him Wearing Earrings

Though Legend wasn’t actually wearing earrings in this photo, the lights in the back look like he is, which was enough for Teigen to want to “vom.”

When She Forgot They’re Married

Being married to a celebrity, especially one you’ve been a fan of, can be hard, which is why Teigen often forgets that Legend is her husband.

When She Misspelled a Word and He Talked About Divorce

Word to the wise: Don’t make spelling mistakes in front of Legend or else he’ll threaten to divorce you.

When She Made Fun of His Dad Humor

Legend is a father to two kids, so it makes sense that he’s already developing his dad humor. But that doesn’t mean that Teigen has to like it.

When She Trolled Him for Using a Selfie Stick

Selfie sticks are so 2012, and Teigen clearly thought the same when she made fun of her husband for using one.

When She Made Fun of His Dancing

Fans were wondering why Teigen was shaking her head at the 2017 Golden Globes. Turns out, she was disapproving of her husband’s dance moves.

When She Wanted to Photoshop His Head on Another Man’s Body

Who wouldn’t want to be married to Zayn Malik? Teigen had the same thought when she asked the internet for help on photoshopping Legend’s head on Malik’s body.

When She Flagged Down a Hollywood Tour

When a Hollywood tour pass drove past their car, Teigen made sure to flag them down to let them know that Legend was in the car—and that he didn’t win an Oscar that year.

When She Exposed His Bowel Behavior

When Legend had “the runs” in 2017, Teigen tweeted about it.

When She Couldn’t Stand His Vocal Warmups

Though Legend has a “beautiful voice” to many, Teigen is not a fan of his vocal warmups. In fact, they make her want to stab herself.

When She Called Him Out for Stealing Their Phone Chargers

Phone chargers are shared property in the Teigen-Legend household, so when he stole all of them, Teigen rightfully called him out.