Why Chrissy Teigen is a New Breed of Supermodel

Welcome to our Rule Breakers series, which spotlights five fabulous, gutsy women who are breaking boundaries in their respective fields—from supermodel Chrissy Teigen to designer Cynthia Rowley. Over the next few months, expect career advice, risk-taking tips, and insight on how to be an overall badass. Read more about the series!

“There are no rules to being a model anymore!” Chrissy Teigen exclaimed. In the ever-evolving, cutthroat world of modeling, Teigen knew she was going to need more than just the perfect face if she was going to succeed. “Modeling has become so much more than a photo—you have to be everything,” she said.  That means having a great personality, a strong work ethic, and an open mind when it comes to pushing yourself.  “You definitely have to be open to everything in this industry.  Being able to take risks, and be adventurous, and be fun… that excites people.”

This has proven especially true in today’s world of social media, where she’s taken her provocative influence and spun it into a successful career as one of the world’s most sought after models.  Regarding her thoughts on Twitter she told us, “You could just get these bits of wisdom out—or idiocy or whatever—in 140 characters.  It was a nice outlet for me to be able to show this other side that those casting directors never wanted to see.  It was just cool to me that I could be myself on there and that people would like it.”

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Check out the video above to see how Chrissy Teigen is changing the way people look at models and flipping the industry upside down, one tweet at a time.

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