Chrissy Teigen Says Nope, Her Body Isn’t Back Yet—She’s Just Wearing a Lot of Spanx

FergieVEVO/Youtube/Supplied by Wenn

FergieVEVO/Youtube/Supplied by Wenn

Though it may appear otherwise on Instagram, Chrissy Teigen says her body isn’t back to the way it was before she got pregnant. “I’m not back yet by any means,” she told People. “I think people think that I’ve snapped back, but I really have just, in fact, been utilizing undergarments more.” People probably think she’s snapped back because she has posted many photos of herself looking remarkably fit in the weeks since giving birth, but she assures it’s all an illusion. “I never was a Spanx person or a waist-trainer person,” she said. “Now I do it. It looks great on the outside, but trust me, I’m a bit soft.”

One month after giving birth, when she shot Fergie‘s new music video, “M.I.L.F. $,” with BFF Kim Kardashian, she didn’t feel her best, but she said the song helped—and so did latex. “Honestly, I wasn’t feeling my sexiest, but when you get on that set and have everyone rooting for you, and have this song going, that makes you feel sexy,” she said. “I was with Kim in a scene,” she continued, “and what I realized is that I need to live in latex. Everyone is talking about how we were all Photoshopped. No, you’ve never seen anything like latex. What looks like denim jeans [on Kim], that’s latex.”

Just like Spanx and waist trainers, latex gives a bit of extra support, she discovered. “Latex gives where it needs to give and cinches when it needs to cinch. In the bouncing scene, Kim was wearing a latex robe, latex high-waisted pants. And when I was wearing the gold — all latex.”

Her now-two-month-old daughter, Luna, wound up making an impromptu appearance in the video, breastfeeding. “Obviously, Luna is in it. But they closed down the set [because] Luna was so new,” Teigen told People. “She was maybe four weeks old. They turned off the air. They cleared people out. And it was her natural lunch time anyway. … It was [like], ‘[Luna’s] here, and it’s “M.I.L.F. $”—I would love to capture this moment with her,’” she said. “I think it’s beautiful.” Latex, waist trainers and infants—just another day in the life of Chrissy Teigen.