Chrissy Teigen Laughed Off Her Nip Slip at John Legend’s Concert Like a Pro

Chrissy Teigen Laughed Off Her Nip Slip at John Legend’s Concert Like a Pro
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We’re used to Chrissy Teigen getting up-close-and-personal with us, whether it’s the time she dished on her anal sex habits with hubby, John Legend, or when she kinda, sorta spilled the beans on her sexcapade at the White House. So when the 31-year-old accidentally showed us her nipples at her husband’s concert last night, we didn’t think much of it. (We mean, it’s just nipples, right?) Apparently, Teigen didn’t think her nip slip was that big of a deal either, as she laughed off the entire thing like the pro she is.

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Missed the concert? We’ll break down what happened: At Legend’s concert last night in New York City, the 38-year-old singer invites his model wife onstage with him for a sultry rendition of his 2006 hit, “Slow Dance.” Like the insanely in-love married couple they are, Teigen and Legend started bumping and grinding as Legend started crooning some sweet high notes.

Everything seemed perfectly fine and perfectly PG-13 until Teigen, dressed in a slinky black maxi dress, popped a nip for everyone to see. Like the gentleman he is, Legend quickly shifted Teigen’s dress back into place to cover up her bosom. Did we mention the concert happened at New York City’s Madison Square Garden, which boasts more than 20,000 seats? (Yeah, that’s about how many people saw Teigen’s nips live.)

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After an initial O-shaped gasp (kind of like this 😱), Teigen resumed her dancing while of course keeping her hand on her left boob in case her dress decides to misbehave again. A couple seconds later, the “Lip Sync Battle” host also grabbed the mic and told the audience, “Sorry.” The frank apology caused her Grammy-winning husband to briefly pause his singing so he could take a moment to crack up.

Not even an onstage wardrobe malfunction could phase Chrissy. Come at her, world.