Chrissy Teigen Kept It Real About Why She Hasn’t Been To Kanye West’s Sunday Service

Chrissy Teigen.
Photo: Image: Shutterstock.

Kanye West’s Sunday Service is one of Hollywood’s biggest events. And each time he holds one, his wife Kim Kardashian will remind her followers about it and then share which of her famous friends attended the service. But why hasn’t Chrissy Teigen–Kardashian’s BFF attended Kanye’s Sunday Service?

So first—what is this Sunday Service? Well, the Kardashian/Jenner/West family now have one more thing to look forward to on Sundays. Not only does their reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, air on Sunday evenings, they also get to attend West’s church service. And no, the rapper isn’t starting his own religion. There is some question as to what religious format the services are based in. From what we’ve seen so far, it’s a weekly tradition that seems to focus heavily on music. And Kanye does appear to be the head of the service.

According to West’s friend and collaborator, Tony Williams, “the goal is to be able to communicate love effectively,” as he said in a clip from a January 13 service.

Tyler the Creator, Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom, Sia, and DMX are just a few of celebs who’ve attended West’s service. However, Teigen and her family have yet to make an appearance. But don’t worry—they’ve been MIA for a reason. Basically, the weeks are really busy for her and hubby John Legend, so Sundays are the only time they can all be together as a family.

She explained the situation to Cosmopolitan: “I want to go so badly. We’re just always busy because I feel like Sunday is our only day where John [Legend] doesn’t have The Voice.” The former SI model continued, saying she would love to bring the whole family at some point. “We want to be able to gather up everybody because I know Luna would love to hear that music so much—it’s gospel and it’s a way to bring everybody together… So we want to go so, so badly, but we just haven’t made it out there.”

Well, this all definitely makes sense. We’re sure Teigen will find a date that works well with her family to go. Teigen also added that she’s been super busy planning Miles’ first birthday party. Apparently, he’s not a very popular kid. Teigen joked that Miles has no friends. LOL. Thankfully his big sister Luna is super successful on the friends-front and will be sure to make up for Miles’ lacking crew.