Chrissy Teigen Shut Down Plastic Surgery Rumors Like the Boss She Is

Chrissy Teigen Shut Down Plastic Surgery Rumors Like the Boss She Is
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Chrissy Teigen has no time for plastic surgery rumors. On Saturday, the 31-year-old model shut down a Harper’s Bazaar article claiming that she had work done on her lips, nose, and forehead, as well as liposuction on her armpits.

The article was brought to Teigen’s attention from a fan who slammed Harper’s Bazaar for publishing false claims. The article cited a May 2017 Byrdie interview with Teigen, in which the “Lip Sync Battle” co-host joked that “everything about [her] is fake except [her] cheeks.” After the interview went live and people took her quotes out of context, Teigen was forced to clarify her comments as jokes.

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So when Harper’s Bazaar dug up Teigen’s quotes and published them out of context, several on the internet slammed the magazine for its shoddy journalism and lack of research. One user, who Teigen later retweeted, slammed the magazine for using Teigen’s “clearly sarcastic quote as evidence” of her plastic surgery.

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Not letting people stir up rumors about her plastic surgery again, Teigen retweeted the fan and shut down the talk by pointing out how her comments were clearly jokes. She referenced her comment on “forehead surgery” as evidence that she was obviously not serious.

Lesson learned: More often than not, Teigen, the Queen of Twitter Humor, is likely joking, so it’s best to fact-check before accusing her of something like plastic surgery.