Chrissy Teigen’s Idea of Clean Eating Includes Potato Chips, but ‘Not Velveeta’



In a series of tweets about choosing a theme for her new cookbook, Chrissy Teigen elucidated her views on what “clean” eating means. “clean, to me, is something without 1000 ingredients. with words I can pronounce,” she said. “i feel like even potato chips can be considered clean. olive oil and sea salt, baked? no? oh well.”

The whole thing started when she created a Twitter poll to have fans weigh in about what they’d like her next cookbook to be about. Options included “LightER (not diet!),” “Quicker (under an hour),” “Holidays/special occasion,” and “Easy (fewer ingredients). If you feel strongly about this, the poll still has 14 hours to go, so—vote away. 

The possibilities she chose unwittingly sparked a whole narrative about what “clean eating” really is, and the different terms available for eating well. One person asked, “Why not diet? I think people want to know what you eat, since you look so great,” to which Teigen wrote, “I dunno. I’ve always had an issue with the word diet. I like “eating light” or clean eating.” In response, another user said, “diet makes it seem short term and about deprivation, while the others are about long term lifestyle choices.” Teigen liked that sentiment, responding, “yes! and the hearty, heavy, decadent things are because we deserve to enjoy life and all it’s pleasures sometimes.”

“i love the idea of delicious, fulfilling flavor-packed proteins and good carbs with color and zest and love,” she continued. But since this is Twitter, people immediately started offering unsolicited feedback about what “clean” really is. Never one to slink off, Teigen tweeted, “ok everyone relax, i’m not a nutritionist and by clean i mean ‘not velveeta.'” Shortly thereafter, she added, “also, everyone who has read Cravings knows I love velveeta. Balance, balance, balance.”

Here are all of her tweets from today, in chronological order, in case you’re dying to read them in their original form.