Chrissy Teigen Admits She’s Cried Over Body Insecurities Caused by Instagram

Chrissy Teigen Admits She’s Cried Over Body Insecurities Caused by Instagram
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Even the reigning Queen of Twitter, Chrissy Teigen, has a love-hate relationship with social media. The 31-year-old model, who is known for her expert social media clap backs, recently opened up about body insecurities she’s developed from Instagram, and we’ve never seen a more real side from her.

At Beautycon in Los Angeles, Teigen sat down with dozens of beauty influencers to talk about her grievances with Instagram and the pressure to look picture-perfect. Specifically, Teigen criticized social media for promoting a culture in which people use apps like Photoshop and Facetune to unrealistically edit their bodies. She questioned how that culture influences users and future generations, including her 1-year-old daughter, Luna, who may take those edited photos at face value.

“My old ass will go on social media, and I will look at the Photoshopping, Facetuning, and the apps—and everything that goes into creating what is now a hit Instagram photo—and I feel insanely inadequate,” Teigen said.

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However, Teigen admitted that she isn’t immune to Instagram’s influence either. In her talk, the Cravings author revealed that she’s had times when she’s cried to her husband, John Legend, over having a body different from the ones she frequently saw on social media.

“There have been times I’ve cried to John, where I felt like I would just never have ‘that’ body,” Teigen said. “I’ve definitely been really upset with…you know, everyone has a butt now, everyone has curves, and a little waist, and that’s not me.”

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With 14 million Instagram followers, Teigen also admitted her own influence, which is why she doesn’t edit her photos and frequently goes makeup-free on social media.

“I’m in a weird phase where I’m jealous of those bodies, but I also really want to be cool with my own body. I really want to be that person for you all, that says, ‘You don’t need that fucking shit,'” she said. “That’s why I don’t post many makeup selfies, because I don’t feel anyone knows what a real face looks like anymore and it kills me that we have to completely wash a face or body out for it to get likes.”

Teigen hopes that other celebrities and influencers follow in her example. She recalled her surprise at photo shoots to learn that other models also had stretch marks and scars—something she hopes one day will be portrayed in mainstream media.

“I’ve been on shoots. I’ve been naked-to-naked with people. I will say that everyone has a stretch mark,” Teigen said. “Every time I see that other stretch mark, I’m like, ‘Girl, yes!’ It makes me feel better, and if more of us did that kind of shit, how many people would feel better?”