Chrissy Teigen Almost Had a Serious Nip Slip in this Cardigan

Chrissy Teigen Almost Had a Serious Nip Slip in this Cardigan

Question: At this point, when Chrissy Teigen has a wardrobe malfunction, is it always accidental, or is she just tempting fate? Girlfriend has had some quite NSFW moments lately, and her latest came yesterday as she flew out of LAX with John Legend and their daughter, Luna, as the Daily Mail reports.

Looks like she opted to wear a Gucci cardigan sans bra, which makes perfect sense to us—comfort is key when hopping on a plane. But disaster almost struck when the oversize cardi shrugged down her shoulder and came thisclose to revealing her left breast.

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In the end, she made it through the swarm of paparazzi outside the airport unscathed. Her cardigan, which read, “Blind for Love” on the back, stayed in place, thanks to some sort of wizardry. We’d almost wonder if she’d employed the use of double-sided tape—as though she’d wanted to give off the I-am-about-to-show-the-free-world-my-left-boob look—except for the fact that she continually kept pushing the cardi back onto her shoulder, and looked a little self-conscious as she pushed baby Luna’s stroller into the airport.

Who knows. All we can say is that Teigen avoided a nip slip this time around, so—props to her (and, why not, to Gucci). Also, we’d like to go in the side entrance at LAX next time we’re there too.

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