Did Chrissy Metz Just Reveal A Spoiler About Kate & Toby In ‘This Is Us’ Season 4? We Can’t Even

This Is Us
Photo: NBC.

Anyone who watches This Is Us knows that the future of Kate and Toby looks a little rocky. But things could go south for this couple sooner than we think. Chrissy Metz’s This Is Us Kate and Toby spoiler clue confirmed Kate and Toby’s breakup in This Is Us Season 4. She dropped hints about their “co-parenting” baby Jack and other twists. It’s no surprise that the NBC drama is hitting us with another tear-jerking storyline this season — but we had hoped Kate and Toby had lasted a  little longer.

Kate and Toby have had a rocky go of things in Season 3 — between Toby’s depression and the couple’s struggle to conceive. But fans who hoped baby Jack might mend their relationship will likely be disappointed by Metz’s recent comments in an interview with E! News. Teasing the events of Season 4, Metz had this to say: “We’re going to see Kate and Toby co-parenting and how/if that will change the dynamic in their relationship.”

Last we saw of Kate and Toby, their baby son Jack was born prematurely and spent some extra time in the hospital before coming home. Toby struggled somewhat to bond with Jack, consumed with fear over his condition, but had seemed to leave things on a better foot. Season 4 will explore the challenges of caring for Jack further, according to Metz: “He is still a preemie, so we’re going to see what that all means,” she told E! News.

Finally, Metz had these (annoyingly vague) clues to drop about the season 4 storyline: “What I’m excited about is it’s unexpected, but also really important in the way that Dan and the writers have orchestrated Kate and Toby and Jack,” she shared. Perfect. Knowing the This Is Us creators, “unexpected” more than likely means “heartbreaking.” But to know for sure, we’ll have to wait for the season 4 premiere on September 24 — just a few more months away!

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