Chrishell Stause Says Celebs Are Sliding into Her DMs After Justin Hartley Divorced Her

Selling Sunset
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

After watching Selling Sunset season 3, a lot of viewers are wondering, “Is Chrishell Stause single?” Chrishell and her husband, Justin Hartley, separated in November 2019 after the This Is Us star filed for divorce 45 minutes before the news broke. The couple’s divorce played out on the third season of Selling Sunset, Chrishell’s Netflix reality show that follows her and other real estate agents at the Oppenheim Group in Los Angeles.

As fans know, Chrishell became the breakout star of Selling Sunset season 3 after viewers sympathized her amid her divorce from Justin. On Wednesday, September 2, Chrishell was named one of the stars of Dancing With the Stars season 29. While her professional life seems to be doing well, how is her love life? In an interview with Entertainment Tonight on Wednesday, Chrishell revealed that she isn’t looking for love yet, but she’s ready to be back on the market. “I’m completely single and because of COVID, I haven’t done much mingling,” she said. “I’m excited to mingle.”

Though she’s not dating yet, Chrishell told Entertainment Tonight that it’s a “nice surprise” to see some recognizable names slide into her DMs. While she didn’t name the celebs that have slid into her DMs, Chrishell confessed that she’s flattered by the attention. “I have to say I have had a few, yes. Yeah it’s been—I don’t know how to answer that, I feel so weird. But yes, that has been a nice surprise,” she said. “There’s a few [people you might now], but I’m not going to tell you who.”

She continued, “[I’ve responded] in a polite way. I haven’t like gone and like… I haven’t taken the next step, no.”

Justin filed for divorce from Chrishell in November 2019 after two years of marriage. In Selling Sunset season 3, Chrishell revealed that her ex-husband texted her about he costar, Mary Fitzgerald, asked if she had been blindsided by the news, Chrishell nodded yes. In a May 2020 interview with StyleCaster, Chrishell revealed that she almost quit Selling Sunset when news broke of her and Justin’s divorce.

“If I’m being perfectly honest, my knee-jerk reaction was I can’t do this,” she said. “[Quitting the show] did cross my mind. This isn’t something that anybody would sign up for or do on purpose. I would’ve given anything if everything had happened after. It’s a lot easier to talk about a little blurb and move on and just talk about the show. However, that being said, it was out there anyways, so now it’s almost like ripping a Band-Aid off.”

Chrishell also revealed how her life is changed once her divorce made the news. “All of a sudden, I had not only the show following me, I had paparazzi on me. It was the most bizarre thing I’d ever lived through in my life,” she said. “Even now, when I look back on it, it seemed like it was a dream. A nightmare, to be honest. I didn’t necessarily choose to talk about it. It was unavoidable. They filmed what was going on. I had to address it.”

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