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Chrishell Stause’s 40s Have Been Her ‘Favorite Stage’ of Her Life—She’s Never Felt More ‘Free’

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Chrishell Stause’s 40s Have Been Her ‘Favorite Stage’ of Her Life—She’s Never Felt More ‘Free’

Chrishell Stause has lived a lot of life, but it wasn’t until now that she’s felt the most like herself. “I’m thinking in my head that your younger years are supposed to be better, but I didn’t realize that this is actually my favorite stage right now,” Stause, 40, said in StyleCaster’s “What She’s Having” video series.

Stause—a cast member on Netflix’s Selling Sunset and the author of the bestselling book Under Construction: Because Living My Best Life Took a Little Work—is the cover star of StyleCaster’s March 2022 issue: The Comeback Issue. In her cover story, Stause opened up about her journey in the past couple years—which included a divorce and the loss of both of her parents—and how she came out of the darkness stronger and happier than ever. “Starting the book in such a dark, vulnerable place and ending it in a completely different headspace is exactly what I was hoping to give readers,” she said in her cover story. “Of course, that loss never goes away. You learn to adapt and live with it. It’ll happen again, and that’s what life is about. It’s not about finding the high and trying to stay up there the whole time.”

When asked about when she’s felt the most like herself in StyleCaster’s “What She’s Having” series, Stause revealed that it wasn’t until the past year that she felt she came into her own. “I think I really started to come into my own in 2021. I feel like I was a little bit of a late bloomer, but I think a mix of finding my footing in my career and getting my tribe around me of the most amazing, supportive people, all of a sudden, it feels so free,” she said.

One of the ways Stause has felt more like herself is letting go of the insecurities she had when she was younger. “Growing up, all those awkward things of not feeling like you fit in. Now, the things that make you awkward are the things that make you unique,” she said. “Don’t be ashamed or hide the things that you may not think are cool or trendy because being yourself is cool and trendy.” She continued, “For example, at the dance, everyone was standing over to the sides because they were too cool to dance. It’s fun to dance, and who cares what you look like dancing? Go dance. Come on, let’s go!”

Watch the video above for Chrishell Stause‘s “What She’s Having” interview with StyleCaster. Check out StyleCaster’s Comeback Issue here.

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