Here’s How Chrishell Stause’s Net Worth Compares to Ex Justin Hartley & Her ‘Selling Sunset’ Co-Stars

Chrishell Stause
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Since her divorce from Justin Hartley, fans have wanted to know how Chrishell Stause’s net worth compares to her ex-husband and what she makes on Selling Sunset.

Stause—who was born on July 21, 1981, and is from Draffenville, Kentucky—is a cast member on Netflix’s Selling Sunset and an agent at the Los Angeles-based high-end, real-estate brokerage firm, The Oppenheim Group. Prior to her career real estate, Chrishell worked as an actress on soap operas like All My Children and Days of Our Lives, which is how she met Hartley. Stause and Hartley were married from 2017 to 2021. In November 2019, Hartley filed for divorce from Stause. He claimed in the documents that the two had split in July 2019 but Stause listed their date of separation as the same day he filed.

Their divorce was finalized in January 2021. According to Us Weekly, Chrishell and Justin didn’t sign a prenup before their marriage. TMZ also reported in December 2019 that Hartley and Stause may have divorced over money. The site reported at the time that Hartley and his This Is Us costars signed a deal that would’ve paid them $250,000 per episode for the next three years. With 18 episodes a season, that would amount to $4.5 million each year. TMZ, which also confirmed that the couple didn’t have a prenup, also speculated that Hartley listed his separation date as five months earlier than Stause to avoid his new salary being included in their divorce.

On season 3 of Selling Sunset, Stause claimed that she was “blindsided” by the divorce In a May 2020 exclusive interview with STYLECASTER, the Stause revealed that she considered quitting the Netflix series after her divorce from Hartley went public. “If I’m being perfectly honest, my knee-jerk reaction was I can’t do this,” she said at the time. “[Quitting the show] did cross my mind. This isn’t something that anybody would sign up for or do on purpose. I would’ve given anything if everything had happened after. It’s a lot easier to talk about a little blurb and move on and just talk about the show. However, that being said, it was out there anyways, so now it’s almost like ripping a Band-Aid off.”

Quitting the show also may have meant leaving her job at The Oppenheim Group—a decision that could have affected what Chrishell Stause’s net worth looks like now. And with her first book, Under Construction
, and multiple seasons of Selling Sunset under her belt, Chrishell Stause’s net worth is looking high. But how does it compare to her Hartley and the rest of her Selling Sunset cast? Keep on reading for everything we know about Chrishell Stause’s net worth in 2021.

Under Construction by Chrishell Stause

"Under Construction" by Chrishell Stause

Image: Courtesy of Gallery Books.

How much does Chrishell Stause make from Selling Sunset?

Since joining The Oppenheim Group on Selling Sunset, Stause has sold a sevreal multi-million dollar homes, with commissions in the tens of thousands. But that doesn’t mean she’s taking home the entire payout listed in the series. Selling Sunset co-star Davina Portratz revealed to Evoke in 2020 that commissions are split between the salesperson and the brokerage—meaning the Oppenheim Group’s owners, Jason and Brett Oppenheim, always receive a cut of the displayed commission. While Davina couldn’t “discuss [what] our commission splits are” with the outlet, she did explain that “everyone has different splits based on their background and experience and their relationship with the brokerage. It depends also [on] how much the broker was involved sometimes but usually, it’s a set split.”

Given that Stause joined the brokerage semi-recently, it’s possible she receives a smaller percentage of every commission compared to the earnings of some of her fellow Oppenheim Group agents (such as Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn, who has been a realtor for at least five years). According to a study done by the marketing agency Evoluted, Stause has $15,789,000 worth of houses in seasons one through three of Selling Sunset, with a total commission of $539,670). From the commission, Stause took home an estimated $404,752. Her numbers are the fourth highest in the cast after Davina, who sold a total of $75,000,000 worth of houses, with an estimated commission of $2,250,000 and $1,687,000 in earnings; Christine, who sold $37,080,000 worth of houses with an estimated commission of $1,082,400; and Mary Fitzgerald, who sold $34,345,000 worth of houses with an estimated commission of $1,005,375.

"Selling Sunset"

Image: Courtesy of Netflix.

How much does Chrishell Stause make from soap operas?

Before her career realestate, Stause had a steady tenure as a soap opera actress. The Kentucky native has held roles in soaps such as All My Children, which she starred in as Amanda Dillon from 2005 until 2011; The Young and the Restless and Days of Our Lives. While soaps don’t always make the big bucks compared to Hollywood gigs, it’s definitely possible to make a decent living out of it. According to Showbiz Cheatsheet, salaries for soap operas like these can range from anywhere between $450 to $1,000 per episode.

In a 2018 interview with Daily Actor, Stause explained how soap operas are like “acting boot camp.” “The pace that you’re working at, the amount of dialogue that you’re working with. It’s not like you’re getting to feel these scenes out and see where they can go,” she said. “You really have to do all of that work outside of the set before you hit the set. When you hit the set, you really have to be ready to go. That’s a very grueling schedule, because a lot of times you don’t get home until a certain time. You have to start over and do the whole thing again the next day. Five days of that a week, it’s boot camp for sure, but in the best way. I love it so much. I will always have a love for it, really.”

What is Chrishell Stause’s net worth in 2021?

So what is Chrishell Stause’s net worth in 2021? Well, according to Celebrity Net Worth, Stause is worth $5 million, which includes the money she’s made on soap operas, the commissions she’s received as a high-end real estate agent at The Oppenheim Group, and her salary from Selling Sunset. Stause’s net worth also includes the money she’s made from Instagram. According to Evoluted, Stause makes around $3,750 per post on the platform. She’s also had partnerships with brands like DSW, T.J. Maxx and Marshalls. While the $5 million net worth is high, the number is a bit less than her ex-husband, Justin Hartley, who is worth $7 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

In an interview with Page Six in 2018, Chrishell talked about how growing up homeless has affected how she views money. “I was homeless a few times in my life and it was really hard growing up, but now I’m super grateful about everything,” she said. “I’m still really cheap!”

She continued of her struggles with homelessness as a teen, “As you can imagine, as a high schooler it wasn’t the coolest thing. It was just really hard to live the lie at school and make sure no one knows and being really embarrassed about it. Even talking about it now I start to sweat.” She continued, “I definitely relate to any kid who has lived without running water or electricity or having to be the smelly kid going to school because you don’t have the resources. It’s hard. I really relate to them and I want to help them as much as possible. It’s a unique situation that you’ll never forget where you came from.”

Under Construction by Chrishell Stause

"Under Construction" by Chrishell Stause

Image: Courtesy of Gallery Books.

For more about Chrishell Stause, read her memoir, Under Construction: Best Living My Best Life Took a Little Work. The book follows Chrishell’s life from her unconventional childhood in a small town in Kentucky to her current career as a soap actress, a luxury real estate agent in Los Angeles and a cast member one of Netflix’s buzziest reality TV shows, Selling Sunset. The memoir also dives into Chrishell’s struggle with homelessness earlier in her life and her family’s addiction, as well as her dreams of acting one day while working at a local Dairy Queen. Under Construction includes “never-before-before told” stories from her personal life—including her much-publicized divorce from This Is Us star Justin Hartley—and the lessons Chrishell has learned along the way to come out stronger than ever.

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