Chris Masterson’s Steamy Sex Scenes with Bijou Phillips (His Brother’s Fiance)


Danny Masterson and Bijou Phillips are getting married. Chris Masterson and Laura Prepon are dating. Danny Masterson used to make out with Laura Prepon on That ’70s Show, and now Chris Masterson gets to get it on with Bijou Phillips in the new movie Made For Each Other. Confused? It’s okay…it’s Hollywood.


Made For Each Other is an equally confusing-sounding romantic comedy about a man who is in a sexless marriage, and turns to another woman to fill that void. He then decides the only way he can cheat on his wife guilt-free, is to get her to cheat on him. This is also almost exactly the same plot as the newly-released Mila Kunis movie Extract. (Who was also in That ’70s Show…small world.)

All in all, it ends up with Bijou Phillips engaging in a steamy sex scene with her fiance’s brother. That will make for an awkward Best Man Toast at the wedding, huh?