Everyone’s Freaking Out Over Chris Brown’s Comment on Rihanna’s Instagram

Everyone’s Freaking Out Over Chris Brown’s Comment on Rihanna’s Instagram
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Rihanna destroyed the internet last night by posting a fire picture of herself in a jewel-encrusted bikini featuring her new turquoise hair and nails (R.I.P. our souls). Unfortunately, her well-deserved thunder was abruptly stolen when fans noticed a certain someone left a suggestive comment on the pic.

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You guessed it—the 29-year-old singer’s ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown, left a comment of approval with the double-eye emoji on her drool-worthy Instagram picture, and her fans straight up lost their shit.

One fan made sure to keep Brown in check: “Let’s not forget Chris Brown fucked those 👀’s up,” they wrote, while others weren’t so reserved in their words: “lmao how do. you find the confidence to comment smth dumbass” one posted; another wrote, “@chrisbrownofficial stay the fuck away from her ya sick fuck.”

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Not everyone was there for Rihanna, however. According to Marie Claire, over 4,000 of Rihanna’s fans liked Brown’s comment in less than an hour. Some commenters didn’t understand all the hate: “Guys why ya’ll gotta be hating on Chris..it’s just an emoji with eyes doesn’t mean his he wants her back…Like stop the judging him y’all are perfect..everyone makes mistakes so I think y’all should stop hating on him and shout y’all trap holes,” one wrote.

Honestly, we’re not about to sympathize with Brown, considering Rihanna filed assault charges against him in 2009, to which he pled guilty. Real talk, though, we are a little sad that—despite the seriously mind-blowing picture and the almost 4 million likes—the attention was overshadowed by such negativity.

Rihanna will forever be the most gorgeous real-life goddess we ever laid eyes on, and we’ll make sure to never forget it.