Chris Brown Desperately Wants To Say Sorry


Chris Brown is up to his uber-mature antics again, sporting a custom-made $300,000 pendant that spells OOPS! in a Lichtenstein-esque comic book font. The Young, Black, and Fabulous reported Chris was wearing the pendant after leaving the Malaria No More White Party, hosted by Sean Combs and Ashton Kutcher. We imagine it must be difficult to publicly admit a grave error, especially when the effects of those missteps can be seen all over your girlfriend’s face, but this pendant is the equivalent of a tacky, jewel-encrusted shrug of the shoulders. See the details below.

Remember when you were six, and your little brother wanted to play with your Lion-O action figure with the light-up sword, so you pushed him to the ground? He skinned his knee and your mom made you apologize, but when she wasn’t looking you rolled your eyes and did the Bart Simpson “saw-REE” to cover up your wounded pride. Well. That six-year-old you? That’s Chris Brown. Six-year-old you with three hundred grand to drop–not on an Aston Martin DBS (too classy), or even the car exclusively for men with something to prove (any model of Lamborghini) but on…wait for it…custom jewelry. Yup. For himself.

And, in keeping with his character, he half-assed the statement. Apparently deciding it would be in bad taste to bling out for paparazzi cameras at the beginning of the night, he slipped the necklace on over his track jacket later in the evening, and was photographed wearing it with Kanye fling Amber Rose by his side.

The jeweler responsible for the piece, Jason of Beverly Hills, said Chris wanted to make a statement and came to him with the idea. The pendant reportedly took 218 hours to complete and is beset with diamonds, sapphires, and other gems.

Big ups, Chris, for showing us just how fragile your overgrown ego (and boy-sized other things) must be.