Choose Chinatown


In a time where the stability of the fashion industry is threatened, Cheap Monday’s launch of WKND is a breath of fresh air for the L.A. fashion scene.

Since its inception in 2004, Cheap Monday has quickly become the must-have denim brand for fashion forward customers around the world. The skinny leg silhouette, the smiling skull label and the inexpensive price tag make Cheap Monday one of the most coveted denim brands selling at Barneys and Urban Outfitters.

With the success of two additional labels, Cheap Monday delves into WKND, a casual approach to street wear for men and women. Designed by Peter Jansson, WKND is heavily influenced by the phenomenon of natural disasters. Incorporating photographical elements from typhoons, earthquakes and tornados, Jansson fuses fabrics and media into the designs. In what could be a disastrous collection for WKND, the juxtaposition of natural and atypical proves that there is beauty in everything.


Finding the right venue to sell WKND led Cheap Monday to Choose Chinatown. A new concept store from the founders of Lions Den and Welcome Hunters, Choose Chinatown is guaranteed to have success in L.A.’s budding district.

“Choose Chinatown is a collaboration between Welcome Hunters and Lions Den. The Welcome Hunters aesthetic is avant-garde, forward fashion, while Lions Den is street style and East LA-driven influence.” said Robin Cervar, one of the owners of Choose Chinatown. “Our selections are informed by the combination of our taste and aesthetic.”

Choose Chinatown will feature the four Cheap Monday collections: Cheap Monday, WKND, Kostym and L.L. Vintage until fall 2009.

“We knew Cheap Monday was launching WKND in the US, and we were already carrying Cheap Monday at Welcome Hunters so we started thinking about how we could do a store featuring only Cheap Monday, WKND, and Cheap Monday’s other brands. When the space became available, we grabbed it, and started planning the store.” said Cervar.

Choose Chinatown’s fluidity allows it to adapt to economic changes as well as cultural shifts, and to be nimble enough to navigate uncertain times.

“We are all dedicated to this area, and creating a new wave of fashion and commerce here. When we decided to open Choose Chinatown together, we did so with as much enthusiasm for breathing new life into Chinatown, as we have enthusiasm for creating a rad store.”

Every two seasons, Choose Chinatown will spotlight a different designer.

“We also want to create a scene and shopping experience that is accessible to all, with realistic price points and approachable style. Cheap Monday/WKND is the definition of that.”

Cheap Monday at Choose Chinatown, 441 Gin Ling Way, Los Angeles, CA, 213-613-9200, at