Chloe Moretz Weighs In On How To Stand Out On The Red Carpet

Spencer Cain

At only 14, Chloe Moretz has already become one of my favorite celebrities to see on the red carpet. Her effortless and chic style certainly surpasses her insanely young age, but she always makes it a point to keep it appropriate.

That’s not to say that she’s too conservative, though.”I think you can push the boundaries in a way of edginess, but I think you should try to stay appropriate to your age, definitely,” she told HollywoodLife. “I like to push the boundaries in what I wear, in that it’s new and kind of funky. I’m usually a bit different than almost everyone else on the carpet.”

I can definitely agree with that — Chloe has an excellent way of maintaining her youthfulness while rocking some seriously adult labels. Never fear, she’s not some spoiled little child star — she isn’t allowed to splurge on luxury items. Of course, the perks of being an actress have given her access to some major swag. In fact, she’s more than comfortable with the big C.”Actually Chanel gave me my first two Chanel purses ever,” she said. “They’re just so classic. I love it.”

Ugh, jealous! We can’t to see what else is in store from Chloe.