Chivalry is Alive (outside of New York, anyway)


Living in the no-woman’s-land of casual dating, I sometimes forget how nice it is to be courted and treated like a lady. (Go ahead feminists, kill me, but it feels pretty damn good!)

I am regularly reminded of this sad factor when visiting my homeland, Russia, the land of macho men and fragile (yet remarkably manipulative) women. Just this week, I have had two examples that show just how non-demanding and paranoid I have become.

Example 1: A male friend calls to make plans for the evening.

Him: I’ll pick you up at 8.

Me: Pick me up? Why? No, don’t.

(Does he want something from me?)

Him: Don’t be silly; it’s no big deal.

Me: But you have to go out of your way!

(He definitely wants something from me.)

Him: You’re weird. Come down at 8.

Example 2: At a club, giving a guy my number.

Him: Let’s go to dinner tomorrow.

Me: Tomorrow? Umm…

(He is scheduling a date for the next day! What happened to waiting 2 days?)

Him: You’re busy?

Me: No, not exactly..

(I can’t agree, I have to play hard-to-get. Or something.)

Him: Okay, so tomorrow then. I’ll call you in the morning and we’ll discuss.

Me: Um, okay.

(Yeah, right, sure you will.)

Guess what? He called the next day and took me to dinner that night. Once again, I was picked up and driven me home afterwards. For him, a normal event. For me, enough chivalry to last me another season of “independence” in New York.