All Grown Up: 10 Surprising Child Stars Who Stripped Down for Maxim

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All Grown Up: 10 Surprising Child Stars Who Stripped Down for <em>Maxim</em>
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There are some child stars who just can’t seem to keep their clothes on (ahem,Miley Cyrus in these epically shocking new NSFW pictures), but there are others who tend to shy away from nudity. As luck would have it, Maxim magazine has a knack for finding these demure celebrities and coaxing them out of their sweater set-clad shells.

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From “Clarissa Explains it all” and “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” star Melissa Joan Hart to the most recent cover star, “Party of 5” and “Mean Girls” actress Lacey Chabert, check out 10 surprising child stars who stripped down for Maxim!

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Flip through the photos above, and tell us which former child star surprised you most. 

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Lacey Chabert
Now she's known for her hilarious role in "Mean Girls," but before that we knew her as Claudia in the 90s series "Party of Five." Lacey proved she's no longer that little girl by posing this month for Maxim

Mackenzie Rosman
Ruthie?! We hadn't seen much of Mackenzie since her days on "Seventh Heaven" until she resurfaced in July 2013 on the pages of Maxim. And then we saw way more of her than we were ever expecting. 

Danica McKellar
We're sure many fans of "The Wonder Years" were waiting for the day when Winnie would pose for a men's magazine, and they finally got their wish in 2010. 

Amanda Bynes
It doesn't exactly come as a shock now, but back in 2010 it was surprising to see the star of "What a Girl Wants" in only her bra and panties. 

Hillary Duff
Of all the child stars of her generation, Hillary is the one who has remained a good girl. The one time paparazzi caught her holding a cigarette, the "Lizzie McGuire" star swore it wasn't hers (and we actually believe her), so it was quite the surprise when she agreed to pose for Maxim in 2009. 

Brittany Snow
For an actress who's had such a long career, we know relatively little about Brittany Snow. But we learned a lot more about her when she stripped down in 2011. 

Ashley Tisdale
The "High School Musical" star showed off her more mature side in April during a shoot for Maxim

Michelle Trachtenberg
We grew up watching her in "Harriet the Spy," so seeing Michelle Trachtenberg in the February 2011 issue of Maxim was a bit of a shock. 

Danielle Fishel
Topanga fans were over the moon to learn the "Boy Meets World" star was the April 2013 cover girl. 

Melissa Joan Hart
Possibly most shocking of all is the "Clarissa Explains it All" star. For the most part, we watched her go from Nickelodeon to "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" to becoming a mom, but in 1999 the actress found time to get (almost) naked. 

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