Chicken Coops Are the Latest Home Craze (Seriously)

Leah Bourne

coop Chicken Coops Are the Latest Home Craze (Seriously)A new home trend is sweeping the country–and we couldn’t make what it is up if we tried—chicken coops. In 2012, William Sonoma launched Agrarian, a line devoted to canning, beekeeping, and other homesteader passions.
What was the most popular item in the collection you might be wondering? That would be the Alexandria Chicken Coop & Run, which ranges in price from $599.95 to $1,449.95, depending on the size. It took Williams-Sonoma one day to sell as many chicken coops as the high-end retailer had projected to sell in a month. Clearly there is some serious demand.
So where is this chicken coop craze coming from exactly? In the 1980s designer homemaker Martha Stewart professed her love for keeping her own chickens. Then there is the slow-food locavore movement. Add in that Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon both reportedly have chicken coops in their L.A. backyards and you have a bona fide trend.
The piece de resistance that this is a serious trend? Neiman Marcus featured a $100,000, Versailles-inspired hen house on its fantasy Christmas list last winter.
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