Meet the New App Turning Your #OOTDs Into Fashion Illustrations

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner at the American Music Awards. (Illustration: Chic Sketch)

Celebrities like Gigi Hadid, and just about every major fashion blogger have shared style illustrations of themselves to Instagram in recent months. In fact, you’ve probably noticed illustrators like Aaron Favaloro (who has 79,000 followers and is a favorite of Hadid’s) and Megan Hess (with 214,000 followers and clients like Prada, Chanel, and Dior) popping up all over your feed, as Instagram’s most influential fashion girls repost their sketches.

Previously though, that’s all we could really do: Scroll through our feeds and ogle famous people and their pretty illustrations—until now. Enter Chic Sketch, a brand new mobile app allowing anyone (i.e. non-famous people) to have a pro sketch their latest outfit post. I decided to download the new app and give it a whirl, because, hey, I’m no Gigi, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t really enjoy a fancy fashion illustration to share.

Here’s how it works: You can choose to either snap a photo on the spot, or pick a picture from your phone gallery that you prepared earlier. After scrolling through for a photo I don’t hate, I settled on one from Fashion Week that showed a full-length shot of my outfit and would lend itself perfectly to sketching.

At first I thought the app might automatically morph my photo into an illustration using some technological wizardry, but everything is actually drawn by a professional illustrator. With a couple of clicks, the snap’s instantly submitted through Chic Sketch, and an artist is assigned your job.

chic sketch

That’s me! (Illustration: Chic Sketch/Photo: Crystal Nicodemus)

While the app itself is free to download on iPhone and Android right now, you do have to hand over $9.99 per sketch—which is actually a tiny fraction of the price that it would cost to hire an illustrator yourself.

“Our clients receive their sketch almost immediately and on the other side, our artists get a constant flow of work. This saves both parties time and energy by not having to find, hire and negotiate a price with an independent illustrator or strange new client,” explained Emily Brickel Edelson, Founder of Chic Sketch.

The sketching typically takes between five minutes and a few hours, and I received a notification that my sketch was ready after a couple of hours, and opened it to find a super cute illustration of my favorite Self Portrait lace dress. Naturally, I immediately posted it to Instagram (see the final product above.) “All of our artists are vetted and hand selected, and there is no guess work as to how many days it will take for your sketch to arrive. Users should receive their sketch anywhere from minutes, to hours depending on the wait time,” Edelson explained.

In fact, Edelson is a keen illustrator herself, and came up with the idea after seeing the incredible reaction she received when sketching people at fashion events: “The reaction was amazing and from there forward we knew we had to get this out there to the masses.”

Step this way to download the new app, and snag a sketch for (and of!) yourself.

chic sketch

(Photo: Chic Sketch)