Chelsea Clinton Engaged! A Look At Our Favorite First Daughters


With all the presidential craziness over what Michelle Obama is wearing to breakfast, what Barrack looks like in swim trunks, and what they named their family dog, it’s easy to forget sometimes that not all political figureheads reached celebrity status. Although Bill Clinton certainly had his fair share of attention, his daughter, Chelsea, seemed to have remained level-headed, and as far as we can tell, normal. On November 27, the redheaded former first daughter announced her engagement to longtime boyfriend Marc Mezvinsky.

Along with a warm congratulations to the two, the news reminded us that the White House has had its fair share of awesome (and salacious) first daughters. Here’s a look back on some of the more memorable political Daddy’s Little Girls.


Sasha and Malia Obama

The latest well-dressed additions to the White House, Sasha and Malia are disciplined to stay grounded by their famed parents. They’re involved in gymnastics, soccer, dance, piano, and tennis, as well as having to take care of their puppy, Bo.


Jenna and Barbara Bush

Perhaps the first first daughters who had a little Lindsay Lohan in them. During their fathers time in office, they partied with Ashton Kutcher, were photographed embarrassingly intoxicated, and dealt with DWIs. Proving not everyone in the White House needs to own pant suits and subscriptions to The Times.


Caroline Kennedy

Envied as one of the luckiest little girls in America, Caroline Kennedy became one of the first of presidential families to truly obtain celebrity status. More probable than not, due to the insane family wealth she was born into.


Tricia Nixon

Not only did Tricia marry at the White House, but she also made the cover of Life Magazine in her wedding dress. She was described by her sister Julie as “the Howard Hughes of the White House,” because of her need for privacy.


Alice Roosevelt

The eldest child of Theodore Roosevelt, she was known for her outspoken attitude and mischievous antics. She pronounced herself an “honorary homosexual,” and told 60 Minutes in 1974 that she considered herself a “hedonist” as well… definitely not a very Republican thing to say. We love a little controversy.