This Kitchen Gadget Chops Garlic In Seconds & Saves You From Sticky, Smelly Fingers—Grab It on Sale For $13

Katie Decker-Jacoby
This Kitchen Gadget Chops Garlic In Seconds & Saves You From Sticky, Smelly Fingers—Grab It on Sale For $13
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When you’re cooking dinner from scratch, there can be a lot of prep involved. You have to dice onions, cube veggies, cut protein and so much more. Loads of recipes require minced garlic to add flavor, but let’s be honest, mincing the aromatic is anything but joyful. This step might be the most tedious one of the bunch, but thankfully, there’s a kitchen gadget that makes it much less annoying.

Chef’n’s GarlicZoom Garlic Chopper does all the work for you. It’s the tiniest, simplest appliance that can mince up to three whole cloves of garlic in one go. Plus, it’s still on sale for just $13 on Amazon.

The brand couldn’t have made a simpler, more easy-to-use garlic chopper
. All you have to do is slip your peeled garlic cloves into the device and then
roll it around on your counter. Rolling it triggers the blades to start chopping. That means you get a finer mince the more you spin it. 

Whether you’re cooking in a rush or simply have a table full of guests to serve, this handy gadget saves you time, and we all know time is precious when cooking. Plus, it spares you from having sticky hands that smell like garlic even after washing your hands multiple times (we’ve all been there). 

It’s also a serious space-saver. No more chopping garlic in the small corner of your cutting board or whipping out a whole other board just for the garlic. Instead, bring out the GarlicZoom Garlic Chopper
, use it and tuck it away again.

Your meal prep time will be cut in half compared to how long it usually takes to manually chop up the aromatic. Ideal to have on hand during the holiday season when meals are bigger than ever, and meal prep seems never-ending, the Garlic Zoom
is the tiny appliance that
you’re never going to want to cook without.

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Chef’n’s GarlicZoom Garlic Chopper Amazon

Photo: Chef’n.

Nearly 4,000 shoppers can confirm that it’s a super convenient time and space-saver in the kitchen.

“Not only do I love this and it’s my go-to in the kitchen, I’ve gifted them to friends and everyone agrees that it’s just awesome,” wrote one reviewer who gave the product a five-star rating.

They’re right—if garlic is your least favorite part of cooking, Chef’n’s GarlicZoom Garlic Chopper
is the kitchen gadget you want in your arsenal. Or,
if you’re in need of a gift for the friend who thinks they’re Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen, they’ll get a whole lot of use out of this small cooking hack.

“I discovered these types of garlic mincers
several years ago and have not used anything else, since they are
so easy to use and mince the garlic quickly and easily,” wrote another reviewer.

With that, we say it’s time for you to get your cooking on and devour all of your tasty dishes, sans sticky, garlic-scented hands.

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