Checking in with Alexandra Cassaniti


Fashion week is right around the corner and the NY set is rushing to finish the final details before sending looks down the runway (or more appropriately, presenting collections together in an effort to save some cash). During this last minute panic, I wonder what folks outside of NYC are up to. I rang Alexandra Cassaniti to get details of her new collection and a feel for her pre-fashion week mood.

MC. Alex! I’m staring at the NY fashion week cal and piles of invites on my desk. What are you up to today?

AC. I was at the airport at 7am! I dropped off bags for a shoot, checked my email and the surfline, then ran out of the house and grabbed my board in hopes of making it to the beach before the rain AND before my meeting…No luck! It started raining and I got lost and just stopped for a green juice.

MC. Weird.. that’s exactly what I’m having for lunch right this very second.

AC.  I also just ran to a meeting with a sunglass maker here in Cali. I’m working on a new FACE IT sunglass frame. I’m also working on fixing 2 samples to send off to NY fashion week TONIGHT! Next I plan to pick up a lamp I took apart – a project gone wrong!

MC. I know you’re a big surfer… what breaks can we find you at?

AC. North Beacons, Pipes, HB Pier and Zeros!

MC. I love that you are a designer that pulls inspiration from your real life! What can we expect from your new collection? PLEASE SAY MORE NEOPRENE!

AC. Yes!!! I love that you like the neoprene! I made bathing suits, a dress and leggings. Oh! And a bodega bag.

MC. You have amazing personal style! Where do you shop?

AC. Creatures of Comfort, Ooga Booga, Distant, Bitter Sweet, Hollywood Farmers Market, OC, Thrift Stores, Aloha Rag, Matsumotos, Food Land in Hawaii and the Neiman Marcus in Hawaii because of their oysters!

MC. Speaking of Hawaii..what should I order when I am at one of those impossible to find Hawaiian joints?

AC. All the pokis! That cocounut jellow stuff, shaved iced sith lillikoi ice cream and uki beans.

MC. What’s the craziest thing about being a designer?

AC. The crazy “need-it-now, hurry up and wait, detrimental and life changing, hold your breath importance!”

MC. What don’t we know about you?

AC. First, I’m really into coconuts. I’m thinking about getting a cart and selling them. Second, I always lose my keys! Like, RIGHT NOW! Where the f*ck are they?

MC. Hopefully that coconut stand will be in Barbados and we are there with you. And we are waiting patiently for your new collection so call us the second you get your samples in!!!

AC. Thanks for calling! SHAKA!!!


Neoprene bralette, $120, Face It sunglasses, $66, both at