Check Out Lauren Conrad’s Pre-Spring Paper Crown Collection

Spencer Cain
Check Out Lauren Conrad’s Pre-Spring Paper Crown Collection
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Lauren Conrad is sort of a fashion world enigma. How she managed to parlay teen reality show fame into a slew of successful business ventures, collaborations, and an incredibly lucrative book deal is beyond me, but I respect whatever she’s doing. When I first heard she was designing, I was skeptical at best, but she has truly impressed me.

With her latest work for the Pre-Spring 2012 collection of paper crown, you can tell Conrad swears by a “less is more” attitude. And it works. A simple and stylish mix of chic cocktail attire, tailored basics, maxi dresses, and some menswear inspired pieces make for a cohesive and wearable line. While many celebrity brands tend to find their way to the bottom of a bargain bin, I am confident Conrad’s will prevail.

Her secret seems to be this: she designs clothes she would feel comfortable wearing. She has always kept her look classic and minimalist with a modern flare, and always leaves room to glamorously accessorize (think her trademark Chanel bags she wore every season of The Hills!). It is best to stick with what you know, and as a designer, Conrad does just that. Perhaps she can make some riskier choices in the future, but for now, we are happy to welcome Conrad to the design world. The line retails from $59-$459, and is available at Nordstrom, Fred Segal, Ron Herman, Planet Blue, and other retailers nationwide. Check out some of our favorite looks in the above gallery.