Check Out Kirsten Dunst’s Trippy New Movie Trailer

Spencer Cain

Fresh off of the success of her twisted turn in Lars von Trier‘s apocalyptic smash Melancholia, big budget babe turned indie darling Kirsten Dunst is at it again in another film that can only be described as mad trippy.

The upcoming film, which will be released at an undisclosed date later this year, is called Upside Down, and also starsJim Sturgess (of Across the Universe fame). Basically, the plot is as follows: Sturgess’ character meets Dunst’s character, who is a “girl from an alternate universe.”

They indulge in childish puppy love, but eventually their love becomes impossible (as, again, she is a girl from an alternate universe). He ends up seeing an image of her on television when they are older, and he refuses to let “the laws of science” prevent him from getting her back.

So, essentially this is some sort of a postmodern Romeo and Juliet. Check out the preview below, and enjoy the French subtitles.

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